Another early Saturday morning

April 1, 2006 at 9:35 am (Uncategorized)

Ugh. Always someone wants to wake me up early on Saturdays. For once, my dd was sleepy and seemingly willing to sleep in, but, she had a friend sleep over. And said friend decided to wake us up at 7:55am! Yuck.

And there has been constant noise and chatter SINCE THEN! grrr…

Currently they are ‘filming a morning show’ called Good Morning America with dd’s camera she got for Xmas. There is constant chatter, singing, horrible guitar playing, arguing….’no, you don’t say that yet!’ ‘no, it’s my turn!’ ‘don’t say my name last!’

How long till Monday morning…..when the kids are tucked safely in their desks… school….a MILE away from the house!

Are you aware of the ‘sound-squashing’ abilities of a mile’s distance?


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My newest pink highlights!

April 1, 2006 at 9:31 am (Uncategorized)

This was a quickie, cheapie homemade job….and they basically just went into my previously bleached out spots…

But, for $1.99 — found while on Spring Break in Alabama–yeeehaaaww! — you can’t beat that!

Before we move, I’ll definitely have to have my regular stylist do it, though… Posted by Picasa

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It might be dangerous…

March 31, 2006 at 10:04 am (Uncategorized)

…but I’m going to venture in there! That’s right — I’m going into my brain — and I’m going to explore….and I’m going to see what’s in there!

I will wander freely, and pull out anything I might find interesting….or not interesting.

And I will report it here.


This is MY BLOG – my free speech blog! You see, I’ve got a blog for my business.

‘Oh, you have your own business?’

Why, yes – I do. You can find it here: My Very Own Mail I send personalized letters to children encouraging them to read, read, read. And — they get a craft project, a pencil, a #1 Reader magnet, and a surprise! Fun! Fun!

However — however, these are sweet children, and sweet parents of sweet children, some of whom may not understand my need to say SHIT! every once in a while. I would say that, probably, quite a few would understand, but, some might not appreciate it.

Here I will be free to say that I support gay rights.

Here I will be free to talk of ghosts, spirits, angels.

Here I will be free to talk about my need to color my hair pink.

Some people may JUST not get me!

So, here — I spill.

And spill I will. Dammit.

Ah, freedom.

Freedom is bliss. My fingers blast out whatever words and thoughts they wish.

Any and all junk they find in my brain may now make a wonderfully grand entrance.

I will freely say here that my kids drink soda for breakfast. Quit rolling your eyes, mom — they’ll be fine!

Now this, my dear reader, this is blogging. As it was meant to be.


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